Green Deal

The Green Deal is a Government-backed scheme which helps you make cost-effective energy saving improvements.

You start with a Green Deal assessment of the property to see what improvements are worth considering.


Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

The Government have periodically released funding to provide cash back for those installing certain technologies using the Green Deal supply chain.  The level of cash back and availability can quickly change.  You may need to install two of these technologies to be eligible.

The technologies covered may include:

  • Solid wall insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Condensing gas boiler
  • Double, Triple or secondary glazing
  • Floor insulation
  • Flat roof or insulation for a room in the roof
  • Replacement warm air unit or fan assisted storage heaters
  • Energy efficient replacement external doors
  • Waste water heat recovery system


Green Deal Finance

It is possible to partially or fully fund improvements using a Green Deal Finance plan.  This is a loan which associated with the property rather than a person and is repaid by an addition to the electricity bill for the property.  It is designed so that repayments are less than the savings on the energy bills resulting from the installation.  The finance plan is arranged by a Green Deal Provider.  They arrange for the installation of the required energy efficiency improvements to be carried out by an authorized Green Deal Installer.

Improvements available under the Green Deal