40 North Devon Households

Energy saving advice over one year








Electricity and Gas prices have risen significantly over the last decade.  Concerns over climate change and energy security are also incentives to reduce energy consumption.  361 Energy’s first project began in December 2012 and worked with 40 households in North Devon for a period of a year, helping them reduce their electricity and gas consumption.  The households were recruited from the communities of Ilfracombe and Braunton during our launch events and from our connections with the primary schools.

As part of the project each household

  • Received an energy monitor, a set of remote controlled power sockets and a shower timer
  • Was allocated a member of the 361 Energy team to work with them over the year who provided energy saving advice, collected monthly gas and electricity meter readings and offered households a free EPC or Green Deal Assessment
  • Was invited to events organised by 361 Energy.  These included several energy advice clinics, a renewable energy safari and a green open homes event.

During the course of the programme, several households installed solar PV systems, cavity wall insulation or LED lighting.  Other households have improved the energy efficiency of their properties since the project ended.  The lessons learnt during the 40 Households project may be used for further work in the future.