361 Green Doors

Visit Green Open Homes in North Devon

The 361 Green Doors events allowed members of the public to visit homes in North Devon with energy saving and renewable energy technologies.

Our first Green Doors event took place between 12-15 September 2013 and included 12 homes and the opportunity to visit 3 local renewable energy installers.

Our most recent Green Doors event was over the weekend of 20-21 September 2014 and allowed visits to 14 homes and 1 community hall .

Features which could be seen in the properties included solar PV systems, biomass boilers and a biomass range cooker, secondary glazing and buildings with external wall insulation.

Properties taking part in the event included traditional homes which have been retrofitted as well as architect designed buildings such as the one on the left by Gale and Snowden.

Apart from seeing the technologies installed in a home, this was an opportunity to discuss with the home owner their level of satisfaction with the installation and whether they would recommend the technology to others.

BBC Radio Devon - 13 Sept 2013 - Green Doors interview

by BBC Radio Devon - Matt Woodley

BBC Radio Devon - 14 Sep 13 - Mukti Mitchell

by BBC Radio Devon - Matt Woodley